Martingale Blackjack Strategy

Many gamblers of both land and online casinos want to find some kind of system that can bypass the casino house edge. The Martingale system is considered one of the most preferred strategies used, especially when playing blackjack.

The Martingale system originates in the 18th century. The system was named after John Henry Martingale, which owns the most popular casino in the UK at that time. As previously stated, Martingale is considered one of the most popular strategies for overcoming the casino edge. The system has a long history, at the moment it is often used in casino games like blackjack and roulette, but this betting system can equally well be applied to any other gamble.

The best way to learn this strategy is through training. Regardless of whether the player chooses a land-based or online casino, he has a chance to hone his skills in the smallest detail and become more experienced. This betting system is considered to be one of the simplest, therefore it is suitable even for beginners.

What is the Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is a negative progression. The system could become one of the most popular due to the fact that it is considered relatively simple. The main idea of this strategy comes from the theory that it is impossible to get a negative result indefinitely, or in other words, no one can lose constantly.

The Martingale system is considered a negative progression since its principle of operation is based on the concept that in case of loss, the player must raise the bet and lower the bet in case of winnings.

As mentioned earlier, the strategy is considered fairly simple, there is nothing complicated in it. According to the plan, the player must double the bet when losing, and return to the original bet when the winnings come. Players can freely choose the sum of their bets, but it’s best to stick to relatively small amounts.

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There are several variations of the Martingale system, each of which provides different opportunities for online casino players.

Classic Martingale for Blackjack

The classic Martingale system is original, the one described above. In blackjack, applying this betting system is very simple: start the game with the minimum bet; in case of loss, double the bet, and in case of victory — reduce it.

Mini Martingale

Mini-Martingale is a variation of the classic strategy with restrictions on doubling the bets. Some players see these restrictions as serious advantages over the original strategy, as restrictions help them prevent the loss of large sums of money.

It is also believed that Mini-Martingale actually works better than the original strategy in the short term, as players, without haste, increase the bets during the loss period. That is, players lose money more slowly.

Grand Martingale

Grand Martingale is a more aggressive type of original strategy. This variation of the betting system is created for players who solve one of the main problems of this strategy: the reward received after a win is too low considering the risk.

Grand Martingale betting rules are slightly different from standard rules. In case of loss, the player must double the bet but pre-add an additional one to the sum. The idea of these rules is easy to understand: after winning, the player will not only return the lost but also earn a little from above.

Anti-Martingale (Reverse Martingale)

Anti-Martingale is considered another, safer version of the original strategy. The system is also known as Reverse Martingale due to the fact that it actually uses the Martingale system in reverse. According to the rules, a player must double the bets after winning, instead of raising them when losing.

It is believed that the Reverse system is a chance for players to win large sums of money in the event of a succession of winnings. Nevertheless, players should know when to stop, so as not to lose all the money after a single loss. In the end, no one can be sure that he will win again.


One of the great advantages of the Martingale betting strategy is that the system works great when it comes to accumulating winnings in the short term. The Martingale betting system allows you to quickly return the lost money after a series of failures.

In addition, the Martingale system is also considered an appropriate strategy for both experts and beginners. This is a system of negative progression, but it gives players the opportunity to streamline their game and not lose large sums of money in the short term.


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the Martingale system is the complete lack of guarantees that the player will win. As mentioned earlier, the strategy is based on the belief that no one can lose forever. Unfortunately, no one can predict how long a series of losses can go on.

A player can go through a very long series of losses before taking one win. As a result, a player may lose a very large amount of money before winning his initial $5, for example.

In addition, the casino does not like the idea that the player will certainly return the lost money sooner or later, the casino took measures to combat this strategy and limited the amount of the maximum possible bet — this is a kind of “fuse” against long lines of losses and winnings. Regardless of what the player wants to believe, the system does not pave the way for easy money. The main problem of the Martingale system is that few people today can generate a gain of such magnitude to compensate for the large losses collected at the expense of progressively accumulated doubled bets.

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