Blackjack Tips for Beginners

Experienced players and owners of casinos acknowledge that it is blackjack that is the most profitable casino game today. In roulette, for example, everything depends on your luck, and blackjack is a game where a lot depends on your decisions. By the way, casino owners regularly organize very exciting blackjack tournaments with serious prizes. Anyway, what can I say, blackjack is a very, very prestigious game that is and will be popular at all times.

You can ask why, according to the existing statistics, video slots are in the greatest demand? If people can play blackjack and, most importantly, win, why do they prefer slots?

Let's Get to the Point

We talked to various users and concluded that players are simply afraid of playing blackjack, so the thought that you need to learn to be able to play correctly discourages their desire to try something new. But the fact is that blackjack is not such a difficult game that requires abundant practice, skills, intuition, and many other qualities. Now, we try to disassemble the key aspects of the game, without making detailed stops on them and tell you exactly what knowledge or skills are required for beginners.

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Goals of the Game

We interviewed novice players and found out that many are of the opinion that the main goal that they face in the game is to score 21 points or get as close as possible. In fact, this is not the case (in general, in some varieties of the game, if the player and the dealer have 21 points, the latter wins). It makes no sense to try to collect 21 because we just need to beat the dealer — that's all. For example, we can win with any combination, if the dealer has busted.

Variety of Blackjack Types

Today, online casinos offer an incredible number of blackjack types, but we assure you that you should not be afraid of such diversity. It’s like driving a car: if you can drive one, you can drive any car; with blackjack is about the same situation because all varieties of blackjack are based on the basic rules. Once you become familiar with the basic concepts and terms, you are able to understand all types of this game without any particular problems.

You just have to choose which game brings you the greatest benefit and profit. By the way, this task is more difficult because you need to realize which particular features of the rules are beneficial to you and what advantages they give to the casino. In any case, starting to get acquainted with blackjack is better with the classic version, because it is the basics.

Should you Play in a Land-Based Casino?

Why not? Although, there are cases when online players are just shy of demonstrating their abilities in land-based casinos. Sometimes it seems to them that at the gaming table, they may look ridiculous or may commit acts that are unacceptable in such institutions. In fact, no one has the right to criticize your style, and if you heard the opinion that you can deprive other players of luck or something like that, do not believe it, this is just a superstition and nonsense. Also, no one prevents you from seeing how other players are playing and you may try to learn his or her skills if you want. In a pinch, you can sit at an empty table and play the game tete-a-tete with the dealer.

How to Play?

Your main task is to choose the most suitable strategy for the game. At the same time, there is no need to invent something on your own. The network has enough information about the basic strategy and you only need to use it correctly, having found info on our website, for example. For beginners, we recommend using the most simplified version, where there are only a few recommendations:

  1. If you have 10-11 and this is more than the face value of an open dealer card, then you need to make a double.
  2. Stop on 17, do not risk in vain.
  3. If your initial hand is less than 11 points, draw a card (except when you need to make a double).
  4. If you have 12-16, you need to take another card, provided that the dealer's open card is higher than seven. In all other cases, stop — it is likely that the dealer will bust.
  5. Do not buy the insurance against blackjack — it is useless. If you have two eights or Aces, you should always split.

We gave examples of the key elements of a basic blackjack strategy. To significantly increase your chances of winning, you should learn the basic strategy thoroughly.

Blackjack may seem a difficult game only to those who have not yet begun to learn it. As you learn the basic strategy and put it into practice, you will find all the answers to previously seemingly difficult questions, and your skills will come with time and experience.

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