How to Play Blackjack Faster

Why playing with a live dealer is so popular today? Live blackjack has a very long list of advantages compared to those online casinos, where your opponent is a random number generator (RNG).

Players claim that a live dealer allows you to feel the full flavor of the casino and that it is pleasant to observe real cards shuffle and communicate with a pleasant person at the gaming table. Since the dealer is a living person, he may make mistakes during the game that are beneficial to you. Theoretically, in the game with a live dealer, there is an opportunity to count cards, although it will not be as effective in practice as it may seem.

But it is worth noting that the game with a live dealer has a very serious drawback, which often annoys experienced players. In fact, the speed of the game is extremely low. Suppose there are seven players at one table and each of them hesitates for a long time while making a decision.

In this case, the dynamic and beloved by many game turns into the real torment. If a similar situation occurs in real casinos, players may ask their colleagues to hurry up. Online, no one will pay attention to your notices. What can be done to speed up online games?

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Pay Attention to the Interface

Online casinos offer many types of interface. The most common and therefore the most popular is a multiplayer or a classic game. It imitates playing in ordinary casinos. On your display, you see a table with seven boxes, as well as players (more precisely, their avatars) sitting at the table. Players take decisions by turns, which recreates the atmosphere of a real casino. But this procedure seriously slows the speed of the game.

The “one for all” interface is more attractive for players in terms of the game speed. Here the virtual dealer deals the cards in one common box, and the players make decisions on the cards individually. Cards taken by players are moved to the center of the game table.

At first, this seems quite unusual, but it allows an unlimited number of players to take part in a single game (in fact, up to 100 players can gather at one table).

It is profitable for the casino because the dealer does not serve each player individually, it is also beneficial for the players because they do not interfere with each other by long down times and the game is very dynamic. But not all players like this non-traditional solution.

Limiting the Number of Participants

The “one for all” format described above does not please many, but the traditional slow-moving multiplayer also does not satisfy all players. In this case, you should pay attention to the classic variation of the online game where the number of participants at one table is limited to 2-3 people. Agree, in comparison with 10 partners, the game must go on much faster.

Dedicated Tables

If you want to speed up the gameplay, then pay attention to the casinos with dedicated tables. In these casinos with live dealers, only one casino players “sit” at the tables (usually, players from different casinos are at the tables, because many casinos cooperate with the studio, where the work of the dealer is broadcast from).

As practice shows, dedicated tables are rarely completely full, which has a positive effect on the game speed. Experiment and choose the best, why not?

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