Blackjack FAQ

If you are a blackjack beginner, then you may still have a weak idea of where to start the game. We wrote an article to answer the most frequently asked questions about this game.

Which online casino is best to play blackjack for real money?

We cannot call a particular casino, each has its own pros and cons. We believe that there is no flawless casino. But if you decide in advance on the main selection criteria, then, of course, you can easily find the most suitable institution for yourself. Below is the list of the best, in our opinion, online casinos:

in USA Approved Casinos

  • Безопасно
  • Лицензировано
  • Надежно
# Логотип Казино Бонус USA Играть
Cherry Gold Casino $2700 Welcome Pack
USA Players Welcome
Играть сейчас
2 BoVegas Casino $5500 Welcome Pack
USA Players Welcome
Играть сейчас
3 Roaring21 $10,000 +100 Free Spins
USA Players Welcome
Играть сейчас
4 Cherry Jackpot $3000 Welcome Pack
USA Players Welcome
Играть сейчас
5 Vegas Casino Online $3000 Welcome Pack
USA Players Welcome
Играть сейчас
6 CasinoMax $10,000 +100 Free Spins
USA Players Welcome
Играть сейчас

How do I know that the game will be fair?

You have nothing to worry about if you play in a casino with a good reputation. Solid casinos with a large base of players do not need to deceive players: in any gamble, the casino always has a slight advantage over the player, which determines the profit of the institution.

In addition, there are special controlling organizations, reputable casinos proudly display certificates of these organizations on their websites. Before issuing a certificate, the controlling organization conducts an audit of all casino games, performing mathematical calculations of the results of real games in the long run and checking the integrity of the online casino.

Thus, for a solid casino, reputation is paramount. Just try to avoid obscure and unverified casinos and you have nothing to worry about.

What is the best strategy in blackjack?

The casino always has an advantage over the player, in any game, and this is a fact. But using a good strategy allows you to greatly reduce the house edge and get the best odds for winnings.

On our website, we not only describe in detail the basic blackjack strategy but also do reviews of the best betting systems. However, you have a choice: you can use the proposed systems or work out your own based on them. But before playing blackjack for real money, we recommend that you check your chosen strategy and hone your skills in the sections of free games available on our website.

Can I count cards in online blackjack?

The short answer is no. The detailed answer is: no one forbids you counting cards in online blackjack, but this is not useful and a waste of time because in online blackjack random number generator distributes cards and there is no concept of a deck of cards. The card counting method works only when a deck with a certain number of cards is used in the game.

Does the card counting method work in a real casino?

To some extent, it works, but you need to understand some points. Card counting creates a slight advantage to the player, but not a permanent one. The player receives an advantage only when there are more senior cards left in the deck.

In addition, the method requires a lot of attention and discipline from the player. We advise you to read detailed information about the method of counting cards in blackjack.

Is it safe to deposit money to an online casino account?

Once again: "If you play in a casino with a good reputation, then you have nothing to worry about." In a casino with a good reputation, it is absolutely safe to put money into your casino account, as well as withdraw money from it in various ways — your money is in a safe place.

Bonuses at online casinos — what's the catch?

There is no catch. Online casino gives out bonuses on certain conditions. The wager is a list of conditions under which you can withdraw the received bonus from the casino. And these conditions are not always easy to fulfill, so do not expect to get easy money. However, bonuses attract a lot of new players to the casino and this pays for itself.

By the way, the most profitable games for the player (in which you can stay afloat for a long time and not lose), such as blackjack, in the conditions of wager do not count. This means that when you accept a bonus but only play blackjack, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus, because you will not be able to fulfill your obligations for the wager.

The good news is that no one forces you to take bonuses and make difficult commitments. You do not need bonuses to play blackjack, but if you decide to accept the bonus from the casino, then carefully read the wager terms.

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